Red Dot Design Award: Vifa Helsinki für Produktdesign ausgezeichnet

How do you make a state-of-the-art loudspeaker appeal to a segment of younger women, without pushing away the male consumers? That question was key in the design process of Vifa’s HELSINKI loudspeaker. Benefits over features became the focal point for framing the product; female users tend to be highly critical when it comes to technology products. Therefore everything in the product is oriented around a series of main benefits: Uncompromised sound. Nordic, minimalist aesthetics mixing easily in to any interior. Easy and intuitive interface. Tactile experience through embroidered buttons. Complete mobility in a product adapted for both indoors and outdoors use, thus acknowledging the nomadic existence of the younger consumer-segments. Material-wise, obtaining the utmost quality was key to reflect the engineering craftsmanship that lies within the loudspeaker: Resistant, custom-made Kvadrat textile allowing sound to pass perfectly, rigid aluminum frame moulded in one piece, and a genuine leather strap. HELSINKI was designed to differentiate itself from the classic perception of how a strong loudspeaker should look, without ever compromising Vifa’s trademark sound quality.




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